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Typical 2 Car Garage Material List

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Two Car Garage Plans Material List

If you are thinking about building a garage yourself or having one built for you, one of the biggest questions on your mind is probably what types and quantities of materials you are going to need. You will have to design the garage yourself, or you can choose from quite a few garage plans online. Either way, you'll need a materials list. Should you decide to do the design yourself, you will need to do some homework to determine the types of building materials available to you today. A trip to your local Home Depot, Lowes, or other material supply store will go a long way to answering most of your questions. There are also a lot of good resources available online to answer your building material questions.

Naturally, we think the best approach is to let a professional designer do the garage plan design for you. There is such a great variety of garage designs available online that we think the biggest challenge you'll face is narrowing down the selections to the garage you actually want. The professional building designer knows just the right materials to use to make sure your garage is built right, including:

  • weather resistance
  • correct load bearing requirements
  • most efficient use of material
At My Garage Plans by TRC, every garage plan includes the material list at no extra cost. Many other garage plans sites will charge you extra for a material list.

A typical material list includes such things as:

  • 2x4's
  • 2x6's
  • treated lumber
  • concrete
  • shingles
  • nails
  • windows
  • overhead door
  • exterior entry doors
and if your garage plan includes a loft or studio apartment you will also have things like cabinets, sinks, toilets, furnaces and water heaters. To see what a typical material list for a two car garage plan looks like we have included one here - two car garage material list.
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