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Garage Storage Tips

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Garage Storage Tips

Building your new garage is a great way to increase storage space and help get yourself organized. It will be helpful to have a plan for the items you need to store before construction is completed. That way, when it comes time to start storing things, you will not be overwhelmed. Here are some tips to help you organize your new garage:

  • Make a List - First, you might find it helpful to make a list of all the items you want to store: shovels, lawn mower, snow skis, bikes, work bench, tools...whatever you need a home for!
  • Save floor space – Hang anything and everything that you can! Shovels, rakes, ladders, weed-eaters, etc. Save the floor space for items that really need it, like lawn mowers, snow blowers and trash cans. It’s a good idea to hang extra hooks for items you may buy in the future or that you have forgotten about. Peg boards work great for hanging lighter weight items such as shovels, weedeaters, hand tools, etc. Hooks for peg boards come in all shapes and sizes to fit just about any storage need. Safety First! Always make sure everything you hang is secure so it doesn’t fall when bumped. Keep hazardous items out of the reach of little children.
  • Utilize your ceiling joists – Hang special heavy duty hooks from them for bike or ladder storage. If your ceiling joists are exposed, you can also use this space for extra storage by spanning a piece of thick plywood overtop of them (be sure to secure it to the rafters!). An even safer bet is to invest in a steel frame and wire decking system that bolts to the rafters – this will be much more safe and secure. This is a great place to keep things you rarely use or seasonal items, like patio furniture or snow shovels or sleds. Be EXTREMELY careful when storing items and make sure they are secure (tying them down is a good idea), and use care when taking them down!! DO NOT OVERLOAD!!
  • Build storage shelves wherever you have room – Storage space is essential for good organization! You can make your own shelves from scrap wood or use one of the great new garage storage shelf systems available today. Do some online searching and you can find some very nice storage solutions. One example we know of is the The Garage Design Center.
  • Store like items together – Whether it be sandpaper or seeds, it is a good idea to get stackable plastic containers with lids and store these items on shelves. Be sure to clearly label them for easy access.
  • Store frequently used hand tools in an easily accessible location – This will save you a lot of time when you go to find them! Store them on shelves, in cabinets or hang them on a peg board. Storing them at eye level is advisable. There are a variety of types and sizes of peg board hooks, check at your local home supply store for availability.
  • Buy locking cabinets – A lot of the items that you store in your garage are probably expensive or hazardous, so locking cabinets may be a good solution to provide some extra safety and security.
  • Store balls in netted bags, in a clean trashcan, or on a shelf – Soccer balls, volleyballs, footballs, bowling balls – they can all be very difficult to store due to their shape and size. A clean trashcan is a good place to keep them, or a netted bag suspended from the ceiling or hanging from a hook on the wall. Another idea is to build a trough for them on the wall (this is simply a shelf with a piece of wood on both ends, and one in front to keep them from rolling off). Store smaller balls (tennis balls, baseballs, golf balls) in a small basket or bucket.
  • Keep water soluble items off the floor – No matter how hard you try to keep it dry, your garage floor is bound to get wet at some point. Even high humidity can cause condensation on the floor of your garage. Anything that could get damaged from water should be stored off of the floor.
Coming up with good storage solutions will help make the most of your new garage.

If you have any other helpful tips, we would love to hear them! Simply make a comment to this blog and we will try to share your tips with others in a future post. We appreciate your feedback!
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