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Eco-Friendly Concrete

My Garage Plans Staff

Another Green Garage Building Idea

Not surprisingly the number one most consumed substance on Earth is water. You might be a little surprised to learn the second most widely used substance is concrete. That’s right, according to the Pacific Southwest Concrete Alliance the concrete is the second most used material on the planet.

You might think concrete is a responsible choice for the eco-conscious consumer. After all, it is made up of little more than cement, sand, gravel, and water. That sounds like a harmless enough combination, right? Not quite. Cement is extremely energy intensive to produce. It requires incredible amounts of energy, and it also releases a large amount of CO2 (a harmful greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere.
Fortunately, there are several “green” alternatives to traditional cement and concrete. Read our article on eco-friendly concrete to learn more.

We hope you can use some of this information with your new garage plans to make your garage building project a little more eco-friendly.
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