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2 Car Garage Plans

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Two Car Garage Plans

If you really should build a new garage then you have probably been looking at two car garage plans. Two car garages are a well-liked size, probably explained best by the results of a study done by Experian in 2008 identifying the number of families with 2 cars. In the Experian research paper, they assert that the number of families possessing 1, 2 or 3 automobiles is pretty evenly split. 31% of the families identified in the Experian research paper are two car households. Scores of households are perfectly happy with a two vehicle garage as a reasonable compromise between the benefits it presents compared to the amount of area it takes up and the expense to construct it.

Answering these questions can assist you in picking out the correct two car garage plans for your situation. These questions will help your assessment and give you a good notion of what to look for in your two car garage plans. Inquiries to point you in the appropriate direction:
  1. Do you have dimension limits (ie depth and/or width) for your garage?
  2. Are your cars normal size or bigger?
  3. Are you hoping to have a living area with the garage?
  4. Could you use more area for storing things?
  5. What is your financial plan for constructing a garage?
  6. What distinctive requirements do you have, an RV, a boat, a trailer?
Lacking knowing where to get going you might just go on the net and start hunting around for 2 car garage plans. It makes a bunch more sense to first answer the garage buying questions listed above before you commence your hunt for garage plans. Why fritter away your time searching for something that won't meet your needs when there are so many first-rate choices out there for you to pick from? For further suggestions see the full article about 2 car garage plans.

For some people the best thing to do is hire a General Contractor (GC) to run their project. This is going to be your go-to person for any of the questions you may have beforehand, for the duration of, and subsequent to construction. Having a trustworthy GC can go a ways to solving any troubles that might occur in your project. For more guidelines, look at the full article How To Find and Select a General Contractor for Your Garage Building Project.

Have you thought of where you are going to erect your new garage? Some things to ponder on as you are determining where to construct your garage:
  • How faraway from the highway or your home do you want to build your garage? Substantial storms can make for hard walking between the garage and the residence.
  • Is the garage centrally situated where it will be convenient for walking to and from it?
  • And don't forget about the type of architecture your 2 car garage plans use - matching the architecture of other structures on your land is usually a pretty reasonable plan.
  • Utilities will need to be run to the new garage, so don't forget them when making your choice!

The plan format you obtain is up to you, but most two car garage plans come as:
  • Paper prints
  • Computer Aided Drawing files
  • Reproducible prints
  • Files for download that you can print

Frequently, ecommerce internet websites offer all of these drawing types. For most people the paper prints are the best solution. If you need to know more on all of these drawing formats you can scan the comprehensive paper on 2 car garage plans.

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Garage Plans Drawing Format to Use

My Garage Plans Staff

Garage Plans Drawing Format

If you are thinking about replacing your garage with a new one, or maybe you want to build a new garage where you didn't have one before, at some point you will have to determine which drawing format you are going to be using. Garage plans usually come in 4 different formats:

  • Paper prints
  • CAD files
  • Reproducible prints
  • Downloadable files you can print yourself

Which garage plan drawing format is right for you? Let's explore.

Using a General Contrator
If you are using a General Contractor (GC) to build your garage for you, then the drawing format will be pretty much up to whatever the GC wants. A GC should be able to work from any of the available formats though. Most GC's will have the capability to work with CAD files and they may also have a large printer or plotter that is capable of printing CAD or Downloadable files. Since building a garage is probably only a one time event for you, paper prints from the publisher are usually cheaper and will work just fine for your project as long as the GC is OK with them. Learn more about garage plans drawing formats here.

Building it Yourself
If you plan on building the garage yourself then paper prints are the way to go. There are exceptions of course, depending on your situation. The primary advantage to Downloadable Garage Plan files (usually pdf format) is the permanent record they create. CAD Garage Plan files are the only real choice if you are planning on making extensive changes to the garage plans. Both CAD and Downloadable files are also available immediately in most cases, you don't have to wait on mail delivery.

Still not sure which format drawing package to get? Learn more about garage plans here.

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