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New Garage Plans

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New Garage Plans

My Garage Plans by TRC has just released new garage plans on the garage plans ecommerce site. Included in this release are:

RV garage plans are typically very deep, but the Riviera RV garage plans have a more compact foot print, measuring only 30' in depth to fit on smaller plots of ground. If you have been looking for 2 car garage plans with an apartment, be sure not to miss the Halston Bay 2 car apartment garage plans. The Halston Bay is an absolutely beautiful 2 story garage building with a second floor one bedroom apartment. Included with the Halston Bay garage plans are details on the optional active solar configuration, allowing you to take advantage of nature's power.

The Halston Bay 2 car loft garage plans offer a large storage loft on the second floor of these 2 story garage plans. It measures a very deep 24' to make room for all your parking and storage needs. The Nevada 2 story 2 car garage plans have a compact studio apartment located on the second floor. It may not be large in size, but it packs a full kitchen and a full bathroom into the studio apartment. The Monterey one car garage plans are the perfect replacement plans for existing one car garages that need replacing. Measuring only 14' wide by 22' deep, the Monterey will fit on many existing garage foundations.

Like all of the other garage plans on the My Garage Plans by TRC site, these garage construction plans all include complete material lists at no extra cost.

And ground shipping within the U.S. is still only $1!

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Garage Plans Online

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There is a Great Selection of Car Garage Plans To Be Found Online

Which Car Garage Plans Are You Looking For?

No matter what style of car garage plans you're looking for, you're going to find what you want online. There are one car garage plans, two car garage plans, three car garage plans, apartment garage plans, two story garage plans, garage plans with workshops, garage plans with hip roofs, garage plans with gambrel roofs that look like barns, and on and on. Just about any type of detached garage plans can be found if you look around a little. Before you start your serious search, make sure you read the series of articles on How To Buy Car Garage Plans.

How To Buy Car Garage Plans - Phase I: Laws and Regulations
How To Buy Car Garage Plans - Phase II: Your Specifications
How To Buy Car Garage Plans - Phase III: Finding Your Plan

Once you have gotten all the information you need from the How To Buy Car Garage Plans articles, go ahead and head online to start your searching. In order to make sure you find the garage plans you want to build the garage you need, make use of one of the search engines and search for exactly the garage plans you want. What we mean by that is put as many descriptive terms in your search phrase as you can think of. That will help you narrow your search much more quickly. For example, if you want a two car garage that has a two bedroom apartment and is only a single story, but also has extra storage space, then try a search phrase like 'two car one story apartment garage plans 2 bedrooms storage'. If that doesn't seem to give you good results then try backing off a little and include fewer criteria in the search phrase. When we tried the search phrase 'two car one story apartment garage plans 2 bedrooms storage' we got marginal results and had to really dig a little before we found some sites that had what we searched for. So play around with your search terms some, add and eliminate characteristics like 'one story' or '2 bedrooms' and maybe try substituting numbers for words and vice-versa, ie '2 car garage plans' and 'two car garage plans'. Generally it's a good idea to avoid very generic search terms such as 'garage plans' because you won't get the results you want and you'll have to go back to the search engine and start over again. In Google you can try adding double quotes around your search terms like "three car garage plans" and that will narrow down the results to just those sites that use that exact phrase somewhere on the site, but you'll have to get a bit lucky finding an exact phrase that the sites may have matching what you are looking for. If you use the double quotes you are also blocking out any synonyms, so use it carefully. For instance, "two car garage plans" will ignore pages where '2 car garage plans' is the primary topic. Another trick you can try in Google is to add a plus sign, +, in front of a search word and it will include only that specific word in the search results.

Example: We tried 'apartment garage plans' and '+apartment garage plans'. The #1 search result for the 1st phrase didn't even show up on the 1st page of the search results for the second phrase. All of the other 1st page results for the 1st phrase did show up on page 1 of the search results for the second search phrase.

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2 Car Garage Plans

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Two Car Garage Plans

If you really should build a new garage then you have probably been looking at two car garage plans. Two car garages are a well-liked size, probably explained best by the results of a study done by Experian in 2008 identifying the number of families with 2 cars. In the Experian research paper, they assert that the number of families possessing 1, 2 or 3 automobiles is pretty evenly split. 31% of the families identified in the Experian research paper are two car households. Scores of households are perfectly happy with a two vehicle garage as a reasonable compromise between the benefits it presents compared to the amount of area it takes up and the expense to construct it.

Answering these questions can assist you in picking out the correct two car garage plans for your situation. These questions will help your assessment and give you a good notion of what to look for in your two car garage plans. Inquiries to point you in the appropriate direction:
  1. Do you have dimension limits (ie depth and/or width) for your garage?
  2. Are your cars normal size or bigger?
  3. Are you hoping to have a living area with the garage?
  4. Could you use more area for storing things?
  5. What is your financial plan for constructing a garage?
  6. What distinctive requirements do you have, an RV, a boat, a trailer?
Lacking knowing where to get going you might just go on the net and start hunting around for 2 car garage plans. It makes a bunch more sense to first answer the garage buying questions listed above before you commence your hunt for garage plans. Why fritter away your time searching for something that won't meet your needs when there are so many first-rate choices out there for you to pick from? For further suggestions see the full article about 2 car garage plans.

For some people the best thing to do is hire a General Contractor (GC) to run their project. This is going to be your go-to person for any of the questions you may have beforehand, for the duration of, and subsequent to construction. Having a trustworthy GC can go a ways to solving any troubles that might occur in your project. For more guidelines, look at the full article How To Find and Select a General Contractor for Your Garage Building Project.

Have you thought of where you are going to erect your new garage? Some things to ponder on as you are determining where to construct your garage:
  • How faraway from the highway or your home do you want to build your garage? Substantial storms can make for hard walking between the garage and the residence.
  • Is the garage centrally situated where it will be convenient for walking to and from it?
  • And don't forget about the type of architecture your 2 car garage plans use - matching the architecture of other structures on your land is usually a pretty reasonable plan.
  • Utilities will need to be run to the new garage, so don't forget them when making your choice!

The plan format you obtain is up to you, but most two car garage plans come as:
  • Paper prints
  • Computer Aided Drawing files
  • Reproducible prints
  • Files for download that you can print

Frequently, ecommerce internet websites offer all of these drawing types. For most people the paper prints are the best solution. If you need to know more on all of these drawing formats you can scan the comprehensive paper on 2 car garage plans.

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