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No one likes to leave their boat out in the open over the winter, and if you don't have a covered dock your options are limited. One alternative is to store your boat in a garage, and building a garage for just that purpose might be the answer.

Generally, boat trailers are about 2 feet longer than the actual length of a boat. So if you have a 22' boat, the trailer is going to be about 24' in length. We are not going to try to list all of the different brands of boat trailers here, there are far too many and each one will have their own dimensions, so make sure to visit your manufacturer's website for more information. You need to be careful with this measurement, because different boat manufacturers can have different ways of measuring the boat. Be sure to find out if they include the pulpit and the swim platform in the overall measurement if you have either of these items. Unless the pulpit is longer than the front of the trailer and extends past the front end of the trailer, you probably don't need to worry about it for purposes of finding a garage plan to meet your needs. The swim platform on the other hand, could present a problem. If the swim platform is not detachable, make sure to include its length in your overall measurement.

Keep an eye on the width and height of the boat as it sits on the trailer as well. You may need to find a garage plan with a double wide overhead door (16') to accommodate the width of your boat. Some garage plans use an oversized overhead door that measures 8' in height rather than the normal 7', so that might help you out also. If your boat is fairly large you might want to consider a RV garage. RV garages are much deeper than a standard sized garage and they also usually have a nice large overhead door at 12' by 12'.

Here are a few of our garage plans that are more accommodating for storing a boat:

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Happy Boating (and Garaging)!

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