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Top 10 Hints for Building a New Garage

My Garage Plans Staff

Garage Building Tips

  1. Take measurements of existing garage building or location where you plan on building your garage
  2. Check local regulations for restrictions on building, architecture, zoning
  3. Take pictures of the area you want to put your garage and the surrounding buildings
  4. Find others that have already gone through a garage building project and learn by their mistakes, check online forums
  5. Interview local garage builders or general contractors to find one you are comfortable with
  6. Ask for references from the garage builders or general contractors you talk with
  7. Look up the garage builder or general contractor online to see if anyone commented on their work
  8. Check out the garage builders and general contractors with your local Better Business Bureau
  9. Read How To Pick A General Contractor for Your Garage Building Project
  10. Read the article series on How to Buy Garage Plans

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