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Planning for Building a Garage

My Garage Plans Staff

There are a lot of things to consider when you are building a garage.

Before you start to build a garage take this into account:
  • how many vehicles?
  • how large are the vehicles?
  • do you need utilities run to your garage?
Step Number 1 is to determine if there are any government imposed restrictions.
Step Number 2 in building a garage is determining the size of your garage.
Step Number 3 is to decide if you need living space in your garage.
Step Number 4 in building a garage involves picking an architectural style.

Once you have the basics figured out
  • any building restrictions
  • how many vehicle bays you need
  • extra room for living, working or playing
  • architectural style
it's time to decide whether you can afford to build the garage of your dreams. Read more about building a garage by clicking here.
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