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Garage Cost Calculator Update

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Garage Cost Calculator Update

There's nothing like a trip to the local building supply store to get an update on construction material prices for calculating your garage cost. So that's just what we did to see where the prices for garage construction material stand right now. With garage material list in hand, we grabbed prices for everything on the list with a few notable exceptions, but we were able to fill in the gaps with some prices we got off the internet.

In order to get to a reasonable garage building cost we made a few assumptions along the way including:
  • doing all the construction work yourself
  • very simple garage plans
  • buying the concrete but doing the finish work yourself
Everything we priced out to get the garage cost was done using the least expensive material we could find that fit the requirements. But the labor is all yours.

Armed with this information, we made some revisions to the garage cost calculator. What it did in fact was lower the baseline values so the estimated cost of building a garage actually dropped for the true garage do-it-yourselfer planning on doing 100% of the construction work. The upper end of the garage building cost calculator was adjusted to be close to the U.S. Government Census Bureau values for the cost of building a new home in the various regions of the country.

So give it (the garage cost calculator) a try and let us know how it matches up to your experience. Don't forget that it is just another tool to help you figure out your garage cost, but it is not a substitute for getting proposals from garage building contractors.

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