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Apartment Garage Plans

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Apartment Garage Plans

What to look for in apartment garage plans.
Most apartment garage plans are going to have either one bedroom or two bedrooms. Occasionally you might come across 3 bedroom apartment garage plans, but they are the exception, not the rule. Since they are usually meant as a supplement to an existing home, 1 or 2 extra bedrooms is usually enough to fulfill most peoples needs. Some of the reasons given for having the extra living space are:
    • private place for older children
    • living space for elderly parents
    • growing families
    • guest rooms
    • kids returning to the nest
    • rental apartment
    • quiet getaway
    • man cave
Having an apartment with extra living space makes a lot of sense for many families, but they're not for everyone. Make sure your need is really long term and not just needed for a temporary solution. Building a garage with an apartment will add significantly to your overall cost since you will be including finish items that garage plans with no apartment wouldn't need. Apartment garage plans

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