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You can get the number of square feet for your garage from the garage plans detail pages

The cost to build a garage estimator is designed to give you a rough idea of how much your garage build cost could be since the cost can vary dramatically depending on your situation. Select your building variables for cost of living, type of garage you are building and how much of the work you plan on doing yourself. Then plug in the number of square feet your garage is going to be and the estimator will give you a rough idea of how much it should cost to build a garage.

This simple to use cost to build a garage calculator can help with your garage building project budgeting. It does not include the cost of the garage plans, only the estimated construction cost of your garage. The estimated garage building cost you get from this calculator is very approximate and in no way is intended to substitute for getting a real cost estimate from your garage builder. Garage building costs can vary dramatically depending upon where you live and the prevailing circumstances in the building industry at the time. Estimated garage building cost includes labor and material. Some of the costs that are not included in the Garage Building Cost Estimator are:

  • Cost of the land
  • Site preparation
  • Sewage treatment installation
  • Plumbing drop to site
  • Electrical power drop to site
  • Driveways
This cost to build a garage estimator is intended for informational purposes only.